Enlighten Yourself About The Beautiful Italian Food Culture

Enlighten Yourself About The Beautiful Italian Food Culture

Not everyone of us has much knowledge about the Italian culture and their passion for food so we are missing out many interesting facts and aspects of it. So, let’s explore the beautiful food culture of Italy and get submerged in it. Here are few interesting aspects about Italian food culture:-

 Cappuccinos are a BIG NO after breakfast

It’s one of  the top golden rule on the guidebook for Italy. For the Italians, it’s pet peeve as they just can’t stand the idea of  having a cappuccino anytime after breakfast. If someone orders it after dinner, the Italians find just might faint with utter shock. As it seems like ordering a glass of red wine with your cornflakes in the morning. Though, many people around the world  are extremely addicted to the milk-based coffees, but when you are traveling to Italy or having a dine out with Italian people, try to skip it to let them know you respect their customs. As doing so, you’ll get brownie points for blending in with the locals and it will create a great impression on them. You gotta be careful about this especially if  you have a meeting with an Italian client! 


With seafood Pasta or Risotto, No parmesan cheese is added

We all love Parmesan Cheese and it’s our pure pleasure to sprinkle it on almost everything. However, in Rome you shouldn’t add on anything especially which involves seafood; though many people give shrimps in risottos. According to the Italians, ordering a cappuccino in the evening is as bad as asking for parmesan to be added with Vongole pasta. So, just don’t add any parmesan cheese and learn this “rule”, if you truly want to enjoy a proper Italian food. As the famous phrase goes “when in Roman, do as the Romans do”. So next time, try risottos without sprinkling any cheese on it and see it will make a lot of sense. As the seafood dish is naturally creamy due to the rice and stirring technique which brings out the real taste of seafood. 

Italians don’t follow trends

Italians are renowned for being ethnocentric and they don’t follow the new trends of food variation. They stick to their simple cuisine based on the freshest ingredients available in the local markets. The Italians like to go to the local markets and look for what’s available then they create their menu. Depending on the availability of the ingredients and seasonal production of vegetables in Rome, food is prepared. That’s why the Italian food is so famous as they are rigid about their ingredients has to be fresh and cooking has to be kept simple with no extra add ons. Which is why the Italian food is simply amazing and different from the rest of the cuisines around the world. 

The market tradition in Italy is vibrant 


Italy has the hub of local markets for fresh vegetables and fruits which is the best part of Italy. 

However, there are fewer supermarkets around Rome compared to the other big cities, the main reason is that many Romans still prefer to buy from the local markets. There are several specialized shops as well where the Italians purchase the ingredients from their reliable merchants over the years who are their reliable source. As food making is passion for them and they are fussy about the selection of fresh ingredients. The Italians won’t give up their old traditions in order to match up to  the latest trends of buying from the giant super stores. As they will keep the local market tradition alive in Italy and that’s the reason which makes them different and so special. 


Italians don’t have a big appetite for dessert 


Italians usually don’t have a big appetite for desserts reason being their typical meal consists of an appetizer (soup, risotto or pasta dish) followed by meat or fish course and a contorni (vegetable-based side dish).  Having little room for dessert is not so surprising when the course is so filling and contains so many dishes. However, Italians don’t have all four courses on a daily basis but on special occasion. For them, dessert is usually something really simple like fruits with some dressing of cream and nuts.In italy, sweet courses like cakes, mousses and crèmes brûlées are for tourists who crave for sugar at the end of a meal. Italians only have heavy desserts like Pastries and other sweets on as a special occasions.


 Italians like the Pasta al dente.


In Italy, every restaurant serves pasta either fresh or dry making it tender with a good bite on the inside. Yet, many restaurants around the world serve the mushy texture of pasta which will surely disappoint the Italians or people who are habituated of having the pasta al dente. As the proper taste of pasta is when it has a bite when you eat it, if it has mushy texture and the addition of sauces will make it more soggy. In the italian culinary arts, the expression al dente refers to the certain level of properly cooked pasta. The term “al dente” came from an Italian phrase which translates as “to the tooth.” As when the pasta is cooked in pure Italian style, pasta is kept tender yet firm to the bite giving you the true taste of Italy.


 There are some Italian paradox


Romans have a huge course meal still they manage to keep a healthy figure. The reason behind it is the quality of ingredients they use. The fact that they eat very little processed foods and use only the seasonal vegetables and fruits  from the local markets. There are few reasons that Italians don’t get too fat on average as they have small portions of food even if they have multiple courses. Moreover they prefer to keep the dressings on pastas or ristos really simple as they don’t make drenched it in sauces and cheese rather keep it simple with less cheese on it. 


The Italians’ culture reflects their simplicity and the interesting aspect of sticking to their own culture and not being influenced by other cultures is impressive. It’s really commendable that they still maintain their centuries old tradition and customs and it’s amazing to explore their wonderful culinary culture.


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