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The Italian Kitchen is a food start-up founded by two close friends who always shared the passion for food from Italy, their homeland.
The Italian Kitchen is born with the idea of bringing real, authentic and genuine Italian dishes to the people of Bangladesh in order to share this unique culinary tradition.
At “The Italian Kitchen”, we produce all the ingredients in-house, from the Mascarpone cheese to the Pasta, using the best products available in the market and sticking to the original ancient recipe (not only from Italy but from the city each recipe actually comes from!).
The result is an incredible combination of Italian dishes like the Tiramisu from Trieste, Mozzarella from Battipaglia, Lasagne from Bologna, Pesto from Genova…
We will always deliver you only the true essence of Italian food at your doorstep!
Buon Appetito 🙂

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A great menu starts with naturally raised ingredients and a perfect recipe by the chef. From lasagna to cheesecake even for a slice, we only serve 100% natural raw where all our meals are solely created and featured by Italian chefs.
Let’s try these Italian dainties and get temptingly served to your door!

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🙂   yes what you read is what you test. Mingling food (to be mixed or combined or blended) is the innovation at our lab.
Our chef is sure that millions of singles are waiting to be mingled…. 🙂 . Does it sounds good? No! It’s sound delicious!!