End your day with mouth-watering Pesto

End your day with mouth-watering Pesto

In the era of artificial and processed foods, it’s really hard to find anything natural to eat. Especially after a long tiring day at office, when you are craving for something light to munch on. Let’s introduce you to a natural yet healthy sauce, Pesto which you can have with dinner bread or add it your pasta and Voila your ideal meal is ready. However not people are aware of the speciality of this raw sauce, so let’s explore deeper to know about this beautiful green Pesto!


What is Pesto?

An Italian sauce, Pesto originated in Genoa which is home of superb production for the sweetest and mildest basil. The word Pesto itself means to pound or crush so it can be comprehend that its prepared by pounding the ingredients. This sauce is considered the food of the peasants in small villages which gradually spreaded all around the world.  It is a gentle sauce made with simple ingredients which are easily available everywhere: some parmesan cheese, basil leaves, pine nuts, garlic and olive oil. It is traditionally prepared in a marble mortar with a wooden pestle which brings out the full flavor of the basil, giving it a nice smooth paste. 


How to have Pesto? 

The generosity of Pesto sauce is that its ability to mingle in other dishes and enhance the taste of it. Pesto can be added in lasagna, on gnocchi, and cooked meats, fish or vegetables which will uplift the taste to a higher level. Just a spoonful of pesto enables to make luscious dishes by  mixing some Pesto into a bowl of other dishes. 

When you are tired and not in the mood to cook a heavy meal then just add a scoop of Pesto in soup to get the mouth-watering taste. It can be used as a topping or dipping in steaks, fried fish, or stir-fry vegetables. You might be surprised to know that pesto can be a  delicious addition to your salad dressing. The sauce is super simple but has great capability to easily mingle in other dishes and make any ordinary dish into a star dish. It can bring glamour to your plain scallop or crab cake by enriching the flavours and give you a finger-licking experience. Pesto can also be spreaded on sandwiches which will surely raise the taste of your dull snacks.  This beautiful looking green sauce can be used as dippings in several dishes such as: it can savour up your chicken and tuna salads and would even make a great dipping for French fries.


Hence, keeping a jar of pesto at home enables you to make any dish extraordinary in a matter of minutes. So after a long hectic day, enjoy delicious food by dolloping your dinner meals and instantly you have a fancy meal. Despite being a great dipping, Pesto is vegetarian, low in carbs with fresh ingredients: a delicious yet healthy add on to your meals. People enjoy having Pesto as it one of the freshest and healthiest cuisines in Italy which makes it so special.  


The green luscious sauce will end your day’s meal with an everlasting taste in your mouth by adding some twist to your evening snacks! So,taste this unique sauce which will surely bring you the Mediterranean experience of an  exquisite dipping.

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