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From Rome With Love

 (1 Pasta (250gr) + Bolognese Sauce (200 gr) + Parmesan Cheese (30gr)+ 1 Tiramisu  Regular)= (1800 BDT + Free Delivery))

The unique yet wholesome package is wrapped with all the love for you! Unwrap the present of amazing Pasta with the meaty Bolognese Sauce complemented with some parmesan cheese. To give your meal a sweet ending, Tiramisu is served at your honour. Enjoy the Italian delicacy.




One Night in Genova

  (1 Pasta (250gr) +Pesto Regular (150gr)+ Parmesan Cheese (30gr) + 1 Tiramisu Regular )=(2000 BDT + Free Delivery))

A meal good enough to serve two people with a generous amount of Pasta along with Pesto Sauce and parmesan cheese to enhance the taste of the flavours. Accompanied by a perfect dessert delight, Tiramisu, to uplift your meal!


Hot From the Oven:

(1 Regular Parmigiana + 1 Regular Lasagna + 1 Regular Veggie Lasagna + Tiramisu Regular = (2500 BDT + Free Delivery )

A meal to serve your soul is delivered hot at your doorstep straight from the Italian Kitchen!
Embrace the delish Italian baked dishes prepared by our Chef’s secret recipes and enjoy to your heart’s content! Buon Appetito!! 




I Love Italy

 Mozzarella Regular (200gr) + 50gr Pesto + 50gr Bolognese + 1 Baked  dish of your choice+ 1 Tiramisu Regular = (3000 + Free Delivery)
Serving the Italian culinary with love straight from the heart of Italy to you with goodness packed in every bite you take! Spice up your lazy evening with some Italian Delights to much on.



La Grande Abbuffata

 (1 Large Mozzarella (500gr) + 1 Large Pesto (400gr) + 1 Bolognese Regular + 1 Pasta Fettuccine Regular (500gr) + 50 gram of parmesan + 1 Tiramisu Large)= (6000/- + Free Delivery)

Eat your heart out with the inescapable combo offer serving you with plenty of options to meet your cravings for Italian food. Make your day special by bringing home the Italian cuisine to cherish with your family.