Olio Extra-Vergine D’Oliva

৳ 1,500.00

The mother of all the Mediterranean ingredients, the finest Extra Virgin Olive Oil you can find in Dhaka, obtained from the first press of the olives.
Great on toasted bread, salad and to season fish and meat dishes.

Sizes: Regular: 1 Litre

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This Extra Virgin Olive Oil is of one the finest you can find in the market, made from 100% italian Olives.
Luglio is a great company based in Puglia, a region in the earth of south of italy, producing a very delicate Olive Oil obtained from the first pressing of the olives, that’s why “Extra Virgin”!
Olive Oil is Mother ingredient of mostly of the italian dishes, and here at the italian kitchen we gave priority to the quality of the raw materials.
The best way to taste this product is the most simple you can find, just a little bit of it on top of some toasted bread, but it’s great also to dressing a salad or season fish and meat dishes