Italian Cheese Cake

৳ 380.00৳ 2,900.00

Cheesecake is another most beloved dessert from Italian Culinary. The authentic Italian Cheesecake is made with the perfect combination of Philadelphia cheese, Mascarpone cheese with the base of buttery crushed digestive cookies and garnished with whipped cream and blueberry.  So, hurry up to gratify your tummy with this mouthwatering sweetheart and experience the authentic flavors in every spoon of it!

Philadelphia cheese, Whipped cream, Icing Sugar, Butter, Digestive cookies, Fresh mint and Blueberry(for garnishing)

  • Large Whole Cake
  • Regular Whole Cake
  • Slice

Cheesecake is one of the most popular item from today’s desserts menu. Though the beginning of the cheesecake was developed in Ancient Greece, at present what we know as original cheesecake is furthermore fusioned by Authentic Italian recipe. This rich creamy dessert consists of several layers. The base is made with crushed digestive cookies or graham crackers and butter. The yummiest part is the thickest layer which consists of the perfect mixture of  soft fresh Philadelphia cheese, Mascarpone cheese, Icing sugar. And finally dolled up with the topping of full cream, whipped cream and Blueberry Jam garnishing. So indulge in this rich italian delicacy to lighten up your mood and cheer up your taste bud. You just can’t escape from falling in love with this sweetheart ! 😉


Large Whole Cake, Regular Whole Cake, Slice