Fresh Agnolotti

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Agnolotti alla Piemontese is an Italian pasta shaped as small pockets with the filling of roasted meat or vegetables that’s made with absolute perfection! Savour this appetizing dish and experience the authentic flavors in every bite!

Ingredients: Flour, Eggs, Beef, Parmesan Cheese, Almonds

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  • Large : 1 KG
  • Regular : 500 Gram
  • Small : 250 Gram
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Agnolotti alla Piemontese is a traditional type of pasta typically comes from the Piedmont region of northwest Italy. It is made in small pieces with flattened pasta dough, folded with a filling of roasted meat or mixed vegetables. The pasta filling is wrapped and sealed in to a fold which looks like a beautiful little pasta packets. This dish is gently prepared by boiling in water, they are usually given the dressing with beef broth and some melted butter or melted butter sauce. It can be topped with some Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese. Agnolotti can be served along with Bolognese sauce or Pesto and Voila enjoy the Italian dish . Agnolotti is a specialty in Italy and it is one of the highly appreciated Italian food as the taste is simply amazing. These succulent stuffed pasta dumplings will simply make your heart go mama mia!! This appetizing small pockets are more than enough to fill your empty tummy. So adorn this pocket dish as it’s super delicious to the core! 😉


Large : 1 KG, Regular : 500 Gram, Small : 250 Gram