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Perfect appetizer for amazing dinners with your friends, it serves perfectly 4 people in the meantime your main is ready. It comes with Fresh Mozzarella, Focaccia, Pesto and Bolognese sauce.
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Fresh Stracciata (200gr), 50gr Pesto, 50gr Bolognese Sauce, 50gr Pomodoro & Basilico, 200gr Focaccia

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Dippings are those little things that nobody really considers during a meal, but if properly organized can turn around your dinner. The main is mostly ready, all your friends are around the table and talking happily. In the middle of all the chats, imagine a beautiful combination of Fresh Mozzarella, Focaccia, Pesto and Bolognese sauce… These dippings will be the best appetizer ever! But pay attention… they could become the protagonist of your dinner! XD