Caprese Salad

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Probably one of the most famous dishes, Caprese salad is the queen of simplicity. It is pretty easy to imagine how it is borne: A fresh mozzarella just made, a gorgeous tomato from your garden and some wild basil leafs. Extra-Virgin Olive Oil on top and a bit of sault. There is nothing more we can say but this <3

Tomatoes, Basil leaves, Mozzarella, Olive-oil and salt


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Caprese, an Italian salad originated from Campania, Italy.  It represents the Italian flag colors: green, white and red. The Caprese is made with fresh sliced mozzarella, tomatoes and basil leaves seasoned with some olive oil and salt. In Italy, it’s usually served as a starter before the main course meal. The speciality of it lies in the superior quality of  ingredients with a perfect balance which reflects its simplicity. Its best to have it when you are on a strict diet and prefer to avoid heavy meals as the dish is super light yet filling. Enjoy this simple yet beautiful dish! 🙂